Yoga Teacher Training In Rishikesh

Nirvana Yogshala seeks to create an effective learning process to disseminate the age old spiritual and yogic wisdom across the world.

If you are also one of those people that want to get rid of health issues with side effect free methods then you are at the right place. Yoga is such a holistic practice that has its roots in the scientific, spiritual & blissful elements of the existence. We are a unit of preeminent Experts who render Yoga Coaching Classes In Rishikesh with the fastest recovery by invincible yoga techniques. This practice has its roots in the very culture of ancient times. Every single Yoga programmes are designed in a manner, that executes its highest benefits for all age groups. If you will try to find the number of Yoga postures & exercises that are imparted in the ancient times then you will be astonished to see the results.

Why Yoga?

  • Cure With No Side Effects
  • Permanent Solution
  • Encompasses Around Nature
  • Affordable Programmes
  • Life Long Yoga Learning

Yoga is a home where every cure exists before the actual generation of the respective disease. No matter what health ailment you are dealing with, yoga is ready with a cure. We are incorporated with the Best Yoga School In Rishikesh wherein every single individual is delivered with equal time to learn accurate yoga. The right set of body postures will never leave you exhausted as our trained team of masters know the most simple yet power driven exercises. Considering yoga as an ordinary technique is the biggest heresy that many people do. Our programmes & training sessions are designed with the impartment of most extensive yoga techniques & unparalleled body postures.

If you are thinking how can a natural method wipe out the most critical health ailments then think again as the very roots of modern medicine & therapies come from natural sources. Don’t consider our Yoga just a normal form of Yoga that will be taught for a time being & then the programme is over. Every single aspect of these Yoga classes are designed & executed by Masters of Yoga who designs unparalleled yogic programmes for utmost benefits. We are a proficient Yoga School In Rishikesh that resides at the foothill of Himalaya. The right atmosphere can be a boon to yoga which is why we have incorporated our centres at the hills of Rishikesh. You will never have such pleasurable experience in any other practice what yoga can deliver. Ancient & Traditional Yoga forms have proven to have drastic effects on the most critical health ailments.

Yoga Teacher Training in RISHIKESH, INDIA

We will lead you from the beginner to a profession


  • It’s been almost a year in Nirvana Yoga and I have and still enjoying every single day in classes. It help me to keep rejuvenated and make me feel energetic even after a long day at work. I have enjoyed every single day in classes and Shweta ensures that you are at your best during […]

  • Nirvana Yoga has literally become my nirvana in the last six months since I joined it. It is not just about physical workout but mental well being as well. I look forward to attending the class every day and Shweta and others in the class just make it an hour of complete rejuvenation – both […]

  • f you feel pulled down by the chaos and monotony of your hectic lifestyle and want to revive and rejuvenate yourself, Nirvana yoga is the place to be. Traditonal yoga combined with contemporary fitness routine, in a meticulously structured manner, Nirvana yoga helps you reduce your stress level and achieve holistic healing of your mind, […]

Nirvana Yogshala Is one of the very classical and old in the teachings of Yoga. Nirvana Yogshala in Rishikesh India offers RYS 200 hours , 300 Hour and 500 Hour of yoga teacher training courses in Rishikesh Certified by Yoga Alliance USA

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