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About Nirvana Yoga

If you are also one of those people that want to get rid of health issues with side effect free methods then you are at the right place. Yoga is such a holistic practice that has its roots in the scientific, spiritual & blissful elements of the existence. We are a unit of preeminent Experts who render Yoga Coaching Classes In Rishikesh with the fastest recovery by invincible yoga techniques. This practice has its roots in the very culture of ancient times. Every single Yoga programmes are designed in a manner, that executes its highest benefits for all age groups. If you will try to find the number of Yoga postures & exercises that are imparted in the ancient times then you will be astonished to see the results.

Yogini Shweta Sanghavi​

With over a decade of experience in yoga and wellness, yogini shweta shah sanghavi founded nirvana yogshala – an internationally certified yogshala that is registered with yoga alliance usa, yoga allianace uk and yoga alliance international and holds global recognition in offering registered 200-hour, 300-hour, and 500-hour yoga teacher training courses (yttc) of the highest standards. despite the varying objectives of people interested in practicing yoga, the communal need for good physical and mental health as well as emotional harmony underlines the yoga practice at nirvana yoga and meditation school and is too grounded in reality to become a pedant. with over a decade of experience in yoga and wellness, shweta sanghavi, the founder of nirvana yoga and meditation is fully aware of the therapeutic aspects of yoga and meditation, her yoga practice combines asana or pranayama to ensure proper body functioning and sadhana or meditative practices for spiritual elevation. she started teaching yoga with the vinyasa style and was swiftly inspired to combine it with hatha yoga to ensure optimum results. nirvana yogshala differentiates itself by virtue of its unique curriculum that combines key elements of subjects such as hatha yoga, ashtanga yoga, pranayama, meditation, shat-kriya, adjustment & alignment, yoga philosophy and more with ayurveda to achieve physical breakthrough and body transformation as well as spiritual elevation. our team of highly experienced, qualified yoga teachers, led by our founder, yogini shweta sanghavi, is dedicated to making sure that you understand the true and accurate wisdom of all yogic principles as well as their true essence as has been passed down through the ages by practitioners of this divine lineage. driven by the vision of providing holistic health and natural healing to yoga practitioners around the globe to make their lives and living better, our yttc and yoga retreats of nirvana yogshala are conducted by highly experienced ayurveda doctors and certified yoga teachers who infuse the students with yogic traits as well as ancient tenets of natural healing that present them with unlimited potential and endless opportunities. we invite you to join us to realize our shared dream of connecting with our divine self and experiencing the magic as a part of nirvana yogshala family.

Acharya Dr. M.K. Pandey

Acharya Dr. M.K. Pandey has over 12 years of experience in the field of Yoga and takes a Spiritual approach to heal the body naturally without any medicine by treating the underlying cause of the illness rather than its symptoms. Specialised in Kundalini awakening ,reiki healing , Therapeutic healing Acharya Dr. M.K. Pandey dedicates special time to teach the students to focus on awakening their Kuṇḍalini through meditation, pranayama breathing and chanting of mantras. We have also found that our Reiki Healing and Panchkarma Therapies provide immense benefits to our students and offer them a singular experience compared to other YTTC and Yoga Retreats available in Rishikesh. Acharya Dr. M.K. Pandey has so far given his immense contribution in the field of Yoga And Pranayama by treating and teaching Yog to people all across the world .

Trijita Goswami

Trijita Goswami has proficiency in yoga philosophy, Anatomy , Alligment, Physiology , Yoga Therapy , Yog sutra and Kundalini meditation over 5 years.She is an adherent follower of Hatha yoga and a spiritual healer for many . Her above experiences helped her earn an in-depth knowledge of above mentioned specialised topic and of various self practice techniques.

Gaurav Sharma 

Gaurav Sharma is well experienced in the field of yoga. He teaches Asana, Adjustment and Anatomy at NYS Rishikesh a spiritual capital of India.. Gaurav Sharma has conducted various yoga training programs, workshop on stress management & art of living, yoga comps for social service in India & Nepal, Conducted many corporate Yoga sessions… His above experiences helped him earn an in- depth knowledge of adjustment and alignment and of various safe practice techniques.

Ramesh kumar

Ramesh kumar is a professional yoga instructor (E-RYT- 200/ 300) With yoga Alliance USA. He has deep understanding of the philosophy of yoga and profound ability to study the physical condition of the students and decide which exercises will suit to different body conditions. He has excellent ability to perform various advance postures of asana and teach those asanas.


Elisa Bieller

I’m very happy and I enjoy the training so much. I did only 50hrs teachers training of aerial yoga, but I’m very satisfied! Was only a week, but really intense and full of knowledge. The course was not focused only on the aerial, but I also perfected hatha, deepened some philosophy topics and improved my posture. The teachers are amaizing and lovely, they put a lot of passions in their work. I was the only student, this had a positive impact, because the teachers’ attentions were addressed only to me. I’m so satisfied about aerial with Aditya, the classes were complete and I learned many specific positions for each body part.

Patri Reyes

I was in this school for 10 days studying 100 hours of ytt. I don’t speak English very well and the truth is that the teachers tried hard to make me understand the concepts and that I could carry out the course with good results. Make special mention to the professor of philosophy and anatomy and the professor of ashtanga flows practice. At the beginning a little bewildered by the organization that was offered, but in the end, I enjoyed a good experience, I learned more than I thought and they have taken good care of me.

Ben Pattle

I completed my 100 hour teacher training course here, my first yoga course, and I found it to be a very good experience overall. All the instructors help you to get the most out of every posture, deepening your understanding of the postures by ensuring correct allignment and pushing your limits in a healthy way.


Amazing experience. Highly recommend if anyone who love yoga.

Shazneen Todiwala

The best place for yoga in India. The natural surroundings add to the overall peaceful experience you are looking for. If you are in India and want to relax your mind and body in the best possible way, NIRVANA YOGA is your go to place.

Mikel Koel

Great teachers! I love it. Im coming back next year!!!

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