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Panchakarma literally translates to five actions or five therapeutic Ayurvedic procedures that are used to eliminate toxins from the body to achieve a holistic and long-lasting body-mind detoxification to ensure one’s natural state of being – happy, healthy and with an inner sense of well-being. The Panchakarma procedures essentially cleanse, balance, heal and rejuvenate the body, mind and the consciousness to promote overall health, wellness and self-healing.

At Nirvana Yogshala, this five-fold therapy is customized based on individual needs of the guest depending on the following:

• Ayurvedic constitutional type
• Age
• Body composition
• Postural assessment
• Immunity
• Doshic imbalances
• Digestive strength
• Several other factors
Panchakarma Therapy provided at our Yogshala begins with an in depth initial consultation with our highly qualified Ayurvedic Physician who determines the individual’s constitutional type or prakriti and the nature of the health problem.

Based on the diagnosis from the Doctor the guests are prescribed various Panchakarma therapies in appropriate degree of intensity and provided a personalized daily treatment schedule that is formulated individually for them.

Five Panchakarma Therapies

• Vaman
• Virechan
• Basti
• Nasya
• Raktamokshan
Some of the benefits of this deeply nourishing, enriching and purifying treatment are:

• Eliminates toxins from your body that effects the mind as well
• Restore your constitutional balance to improve health and wellness.
• Reinforce your immunity to increase your resistance to illness.
• It is both a curative and preventive mechanism that boosts your strength, energy, vitality and mental clarity.
• Opens blocked channels
• Deep tissue rejuvenation
• Reducing weight and speeding up body metabolism
• Slows down the aging process by reversing the negative effects of stress on your body and mind.
• Promote deep relaxation and sense of well-being.
Some other curative and preventive therapies that guests can benefit from while taking a profound step towards their ideal well-being at Nirvana Yogsahala include the following:

• Acupressure
• Reiki Healing
• Magnetic Healing
These additional subtle therapy treatments that may be prescribed for some guests in conjunction with their Panchakarma Therapy to open the subtle channels and bring life-enhancing energy thereby fostering vigour, inner peace, confidence and well-being.

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